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Study: Gender Based Mapping of Organic and Traditional Food Producers in Western and South Serbia

October 2017 – January 2018

Association of Business Women in Serbia (ABW) in the cooperation with German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), has conducted a survey and created a participants’ data base of female entrepreneurs that cooperate in the field of organic and traditional food, specific for the areas of interest, Western and South Serbia. The focus of survey, where the future activities are attended to take place are Niš, Jablanica, Toplica, Pirot and Pčinj District in South Serbia and Zlatibor and Moravica District in Southwestern Serbia.

The survey about the state of organic and traditional food production, led by women, entrepreneurs, micro, small and middle sized companies and local association, served for the data base creation of the potential participants of project. Many women that produce traditional food are not registered as owners or managers. After this research, we have managed to create a data base of over 40 women, entrepreneurs or women from local associations, which are in traditional and organic food business. This brochure contains the results of survey as well as the data and information about households, companies, cooperatives, associations and production programs.