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„Raising the innovation capacity of SMEs and business for inclusion in supply chains“

The overall objective of the project is to improve the innovation and business capacity of SMEs and to raise their competitiveness in order to be ade quately involved in supply chains thus ensuring better access to market and marketing of goods and services, both in domestic and foreign markets.

Special focus is put on strengthening the potential suppliers among young entrepreneurs. Project activities include the implementation of Lean Startup methodology, aiming at empowering the participants to gain the skills of processing the results of their own actions during the training exercise. Trainings are divided into II modules, each lasting 3 days.

In addition to training, the project includes mentoring services and consulting.

Project is funded by Development Agency of Serbia, and implemented by the Association of Business Women in Serbia, in partnership with the Institute „Mihajlo Pupin” from Belgrade, Innovation Centre of Mechanical Engineering from Belgrade and “Cluster House“ from Nis.

DECEMBER 2016 – APRIL 2017