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„Integration of gender mainstreaming into local economic governance by joint Action of Serbian Women in Parliament and Businesswomen in Serbia”

OCTOBER  2016 – MARCH 2017

The project purpose is to develop different local self-government’s budget initiatives for allocation of resources towards stimulating women’s entrepreneurship leading to local economic development, through implementing gender responsible budgeting (GRB)in entrepreneurship. The project will include three cities: Kraljevo, Zrenjanin and Vranje.

These models of budget initiatives encompass advocating for:

1) Launching gender statistics in recording of the local small/micro entrepreneurs (disaggregated data according to gender)

2) Establishment of the Fund to support woman’s entrepreneurship and self-employment

3) Involvement of women entrepreneurs into the supply chain.

This project will be supported by key stakeholders in Gender Equality Policy in Serbia, Woman’s Parliamentarian Network. Also, there is a supportive network of local associations of women entrepreneurs in the towns where the project will be implemented.

The project is funded by the Canada fund.