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About the section…

International Business Women Club (IBWC) section was designed for our female colleagues and entrepreneurs from the region and EU countries to enable using services provided by ABW Serbia to the members of IBWC, within their IBWC membership. IBWC members acquire two types of benefits:

I. Benefits for their companies (including promotion, business events, networking…)

II. Personal benefits (discounts for members and their family for specifically designed services and service bundles provided by ABS Serbia member companies)


Of International Business Women Club – IBWC


Information about the Company

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I – The amount of annual membership fee is determined according to the Categories in the table. The payment will be made in EUR into the foreign currency account of the ABW Serbia: 275000022002116319 EUR, according to the invoice of ABW Serbia.
II – The validity of vouchers and promotional company benefits is one year from the date of payment of the membership fee and they can’t be transferred to the next year.
III – Grace period for payment of membership fee is 6 months (within the grace period only the elements of benefits for companies, and not personal ones can be realized)
IV- Discount for family members is provided for all products and services from the offer

Please mark the number of Category you belong to:

No. – Category  – Membership fee in euros
1 – Category I (EU countries, United Kingdom, SAD, Canada, Russia, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East, Japan)  – 850
2 – Category II
(REGION – EU members: Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Greece ) – 630
3 – Category III ( SEE REGION – Non EU member countries: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania) – 410

By sending a completed and signed IBWC Application Form, I apply for membership in the International Business Women’s Club and I declare that I am familiar with the mission and goals of the Association, and I accept the recommendations of the Code of Conduct and Ethics in the Annex to the Application form, which aims to promote and encourage good business practice in all relations between members of the Association.

I agree that the advance invoice for my annual membership fee is submitted to me.


The Association of Business Women in Serbia encourages its current and new members of the International Business Women Club (IBWC) to comply to the Code in order to maintain good business practice, an incentive and inspirational organizational climate, according to which ABW has become a recognizable professional association.


1. Members of the International Business Women Club will contribute to preserving and increasing the reputation of the club and the Association
2. Members of the club shall refrain from actions and actions that could cause material damage to the club or association or damage the reputation of the Club or Association
3. Members of the Club should perform business activities in accordance with the principles of socially responsible behavior in a way that contributes to the growth and development of the club and the Association
4. Members of the Club should be familiar with the ABW Statute and comply to the prescribed rules relating to membership (Article 6 and Article 7 of the Statute), as well as to argue for possible violations of Articles of the Statute relating to the functioning of the organization

In order to implement the recommendations of the Code, the Association in turn will continue to:

1. Promote and encourage the building of trust between Club members and members of the Association
2. Timely and fully inform members of the Club and the Association about the work and activities of the Club and the Association
3. Perform business activities in accordance with the principles of socially responsible behavior in a way that contributes to the growth and development of its members

With this application, please attach your photo, CV and your brief professional profile, not longer than 500 words, which will be published at the ABW’s web site in the IBWC section.