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Economic empowerment of women who have lost their jobs in the age of 45+ years

The project aims to provide support to women faced with the loss of a job at a sensitive age, in order to economically and socially engaged once again. Empowering women will be implemented through a package of specialized workshops, which will be attended by at least 100 participants interested in specific types of training. Training will be divided into 4 modules covering the following topics:

  • How do entrepreneurs discover their entrepreneurial qualities?
  • Why is creativity important for entrepreneurship?
  • How to find ideas for my business?
  • What does my website should contain and how to promote?
  • The basic usage of Social Networks and the Internet; How internet can help in promoting?
  • Using social networks for promotional purposes

Association of Business Women of Serbia project is implemented in cooperation with the Association “Women at the Crossroads”, with whomABW signed a memorandum on mutual cooperation in 2016.

Duration: December 2016- June 2017

Funded by:The Ministry of Labour, Employment, Social and Veterans’ Affairs