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DEA – Digital Entrepreneurship Awakening: From new vulnerabilities to economic empowerment of women in Serbia

SEPTEMBER 2018 – NOVEMBER 2019 Female digital workers (FDWs) from Serbia, aged from 18 up to 55 , who work remotely via global digital labour platforms make new vulnerable group in the society. They are not only invisible to local policy makers and stakeholders, but also lack or have limited access to benefits stemming from […]

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Advisory and technical support for female organic and traditional food producers in Western and South Serbia

May – November  2018             A survey about female entrepreneur needs in the field of organic and traditional food, which was coordinated in 2017 and represented in a Study, was a foundation for the creation of specific support measures for 2018 such as trainings, consulting and mentorships. Trainings were tailored to the producers of traditional and […]

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Study: Gender Based Mapping of Organic and Traditional Food Producers in Western and South Serbia

October 2017 – January 2018 Association of Business Women in Serbia (ABW) in the cooperation with German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), has conducted a survey and created a participants’ data base of female entrepreneurs that cooperate in the field of organic and traditional food, specific for the areas of interest, Western and South Serbia. […]

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„Raising the innovation capacity of SMEs and business for inclusion in supply chains“

The overall objective of the project is to improve the innovation and business capacity of SMEs and to raise their competitiveness in order to be ade quately involved in supply chains thus ensuring better access to market and marketing of goods and services, both in domestic and foreign markets. Special focus is put on strengthening […]

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Economic empowerment of women who have lost their jobs in the age of 45+ years

The project aims to provide support to women faced with the loss of a job at a sensitive age, in order to economically and socially engaged once again. Empowering women will be implemented through a package of specialized workshops, which will be attended by at least 100 participants interested in specific types of training. Training […]

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