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„ Support to vulnerable groups of wodmen for inclusion in the labor market in the context of the consequences caused by the KOVID-19 pandemic “

JUNE 2020 – DECEMBER 2020. Objective of the project is to improve the position of single mothers, women over 45 years of age and Roma women, in the municipalities of Pirot and Belgrade, affected by the consequences of the Kovid-19 panemic, in the field of employment. Within the project, the following single activities: 1. Determining […]

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Strengthening capacities of women entrepreneurs for digitalization of business processes and provision of advisory and technical support for market launch of rebranded traditional food products from Southwestern Serbia

May 2020 – May 2021. General project goals: To strengthen the ability of Serbian women entrepreneurs to act and react to changing conditions of business environment through design and implementation of digital transformation strategy in order to evolve and succeed continuous process of change and adaptation. To strengthen local networks of female food producers in […]

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Building the intergenerational and intercultural bridge of economic prosperity for women in Raška and Sjenica

SEPTEMBER 2019 – JULY 2020 PROJECT OBJECTIVE:Building an intergenerational network of women in the underdeveloped municipalities of Raska, Sjenica and Bruce which will enable them to exercise their economic rights and empower them to act as drivers of positive socio-economic change in their multi-ethnic and multi-religious communities.   SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: – Improve the gender balance […]

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Continuing Education Program – Development of Entrepreneurial Competences of Teachers and Students in Primary Schools

December 2018 – August 2019 Project’s goal is to empower teachers and school professors to enhance the development of students’ entrepreneurial competences through the activities of students’ community. Experienced course leaders will introduce entrepreneurial key concepts and the advantages of students’ communities as the models of entrepreneurships. Teachers and professors will be able to activate […]

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Inclusion in employment

June 1 – December 31 2015 The main objective of the project “Inclusion in employment” is to promote youth with disabilities employment through information, activation, informal training, working practice and building sustainable cooperation with employers. Activities will take place in three cities: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis. Projects activities will provide mechanism to support young with disabilities […]

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