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Building the intergenerational and intercultural bridge of economic prosperity for women in Raška and Sjenica

SEPTEMBER 2019 – JULY 2020

Building an intergenerational network of women in the underdeveloped municipalities of Raska, Sjenica and Bruce which will enable them to exercise their economic rights and empower them to act as drivers of positive socio-economic change in their multi-ethnic and multi-religious communities.  
– Improve the gender balance of young people’s communication through new digital media and enable them to act as drivers of positive change.
– Improve intergenerational cooperation of women in the Raska region in relation to the promotion of handicrafts produced by women from the municipalities of Raska, Bruce and Sjenica (over 40 years) using digital tools created by young women (18-35 years). Raise awareness of the role of self-employed women in socio-economic development and strengthen democratic structures in their local communities.

The project is funded by the US Embassy in Serbia.